How many players will each team consist of?

Each team will hold no more than 11 players.  This will ensure that each child is able to receive enough repetitions in practices and games.

What days of the week and what time will the practice be held?

Practices will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and or Thursdays.  This will be determined by the consensus of the majority of the parents in each group.  Practices will be held at either 5:00pm, 6:00pm, or 7:00pm.

What league and tournaments will my child’s team participate in?

This will be based on the skill level of the team and the majority consensus of the group in what times, days, and locations work best for that particular team.  In the past our teams have competed in the Rising Stars, Jelleff, MTB, Force One Basketball League, DC Parks and Recreation Winter Basketball League and the Montgomery County Recreation Winter Basketball League.

Will the playing time be equal?

Yes, while our teams will be competitive we want each child to develop his or her skills through practice and game repetitions.  Playing time will be distributed evenly.

How much does is cost for my child to participate?

The cost per season is $350 per participant.  This includes all practice sessions, games, uniforms, and league fees.  Price may vary depending upon which tournaments and league our teams enter.

Is this program offered throughout the year?

Yes, this program is offered throughout the year.  Participants have the option to participate during fall, winter, spring, and summer!